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Dr. Pisz

Originally from Poland, Dr. Pisz moved to Yellowknife in 1987 to perform distemper vaccinations on hundreds of loose dogs. He is still here today, and for many years ran the only full-time veterinary clinic in the entire Northwest Territories. Dr. Pisz has witnessed firsthand the changes that have taken place over the decades. He watched as society moved from dog teams as the primary means of transportation to skidoos and automobiles. It has not always been easy. Many times he has had to make the difficult call on whether an injured or abused animal could be saved. When 34 sled dogs had to be euthanized outside of Yellowknife, NT in 2008, Dr. Pisz was called in to the job. He describes the experience as the saddest day of his life. (

Upon seeing the desperate need for homes for the high numbers of unwanted dogs, he turned a part of his clinic and boarding kennel into a no-kill shelter. Animals would get dropped off at the pound, and when their time was up, he simply did not put them down. Today, Dr. Pisz still runs the Great Slave Animal Hospital and shelter in Yellowknife, NT.

Dr. Susan Kutz

Dr. Susan Kutz is an Associate Professor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Calgary and the head of a program that sends students of veterinary medicine to the Beaufort Delta of the Northwest Territories each year to perform free spays and neuter clinics, vaccines and general vet care. They perform out of school gymnasiums while students look on and ask questions, and perform house calls in each community they visit.  They have performed hundreds spays and neuters since the beginning of the program.


Dr. Lucie Levy

Dr. Lucie Levy is a veterinarian with Vets Without Borders with a wealth of experience both in Canada and abroad. In 2011 she traveled with Dr. Susan Kutz through a program run by the University of Calgary to Northern Canada to help with free spay and neuter clinics around the Beaufort Delta of the Northwest Territories. She now runs a mobile clinic out of Calgary, AB.



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